Winter 2020/2021. Happy New Year to all.

This winter at My Maternelle we are leaning about the importance of safety on the road, the cycle of life, parts of plants, and exploring the world with our globe and maps. We are doing fundamental math like additions and subtractions, we are nailing down our letters and playing with the 3 letters words. We spend time every day outdoors, walking, playing, exploring, building and celebrating birthdays (when applicable).

Each day we work on behavioral, social and cognitive skills. How to be a better person. How should we treat our friends. How to be sitting and paying attention, focusing on a task, and working with others. We discuss issues like caring not only for our own pets, but also our neighbors’ animals. We learn to be mindful of the wildlife that we come in contact with both near and afar.

My Maternelle’s curriculum helps each child to build a solid foundation in language arts, math, and science. In addition to these, the school focuses on French and Spanish languages through songs, activities and fundamental manners.

We are doing everything safely and are happy and thankful to still be open during this these difficult times.
-Madame Katy

Summer Camp at My Maternelle. Visit us and Sign up now.


During Summer Camp, your child will be able to experience and enjoy a variety of activities that are planned just for them!

Each week our schedules are filled with fun and different activities such as a variety of sports, walks, arts and crafts, nature, gardening, reading, dance, drama, yoga, cooking and many more!

Maximum of 6 kids per week.
Ages: 3-8 (Your child must be potty-trained)


Fee per week is $345.* (healthy snacks included)
*Includes a $45 reservation fee (per child) each week, due prior the first day of camp.

SIGN UP NOW!! email

Dates & Times:

Each day starts at 8:00 AM and ends at 5:00 PM.

The following weeks are available on a first come first serve basis:

  • Week 1: June 10-14
  • Week 2: June 17-21
  • Week 3: June 24-28
  • Week 4: July 1-5
  • Week 5: July 8-12
  • Week 6: July 15-19
  • Week 7: July 22-26
  • Week 8: July 29-August 2
  • Week 9: August 5-9
  • Week 10: August 12-16

“This camp is designed to meet the unique social, emotional, intellectual and physical needs of your children”