Introducing “Les Aventures de Lily.”

My Maternelle is very excited to introduce you to Lily to help children learn a new language during this school year. Lily is an adorable French cloth doll and a sweet inspiration for children. She assists the learning process and is a perfect companion for your child.

Lily was created by Vicky Audet, a wonderful young writer and illustrator from Granby, Québec Canada. Vicky has authorized me to read and record her two books from the series “Les Aventures de Lily.” I will be developing appropriate instructional videos lessons using Lily.

Lily has two books that you can purchased so that you and your child can follow along with the videos. Lily (handmade in Montreal, Québec) will be also available.

This school year, My Maternelle will be producing a series of French pre-k and kindergarten instructional videos for children to view and learn at home. This September the lessons should be available online at for a small fee.

Lily speaks only French, so get your child ready to learn and have fun with us. We will learn the alphabet, numbers, matching pictures, mathematical exercises, songs, and a lot more.

More details for our exciting new joint venture will be available shortly. If you want to place an order or if you have any questions, please email Madame Katy at

Merci et bonne journée,

Madame Katy

Photo credit by “Rameux Photographes”